Memory: Record/Erase, animation video, 1996

Drawings that can be described as being ‘simple,’ ‘fragile,’ or ‘unfinished’ may represent the artist’s attempt to extract the raw emotions hidden within his/herself by embracing the weakness of the work, rather than aiming for perfection. The present exhibition focuses on the ‘drawing’ as the impulse for creation through the widely varied works of sixteen contemporary artists active in Asia and Europe. The works to be exhibited include the sketches and watercolors by Leiko Ikemura, Nara Yoshitomo, and Sakagami Chiyuki; the animations and shadow pictures by Tsuji Naoyuki, Avish Khebrezadeh, and Nalini Malani; and installations by Manuel Ocampo, Amal El Kenawy, and Mithu Sen.