Stories Retold
Reverse paintings on mylar, watercolour, acrylic, enamel, 2002 -

Stories Retold has been an ongoing series. The artist has been making reverse paintings on Mylar on the subject of myths and narratives since the past five years. Although essentially a painter, her practice expands her work across many mediums from making painted accordion books that open out to about 2 meters, to theatre, video installations, shadow plays and reverse paintings. The exigency of the subject is the motivation for using a particular medium. Laying out a terrain of several registers in these reverse painted works she creates a complex narrative of excess. As if the medium can no longer be a container for the subject The underlying connection between the diverse practices that make up her oeuvre is in the layering and the spill.



Varaha, 152.5 X 99 cm, 2002











Sita, 152.5 X 99 cm, 2002













Sita/Medea 2, 163 X 103 cm, 2004



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copyright © Nalini Malani