Animation Video Installation, 8 minutes looped, sound, 2002
  Body fluids, secretions , mucous, ooze, bubble and stain living tissue. These morph into humans that act ambiguously toward each other: loving, hating, killing each other. Finally the mass of bones that remain form a pair of bloody hands that seem to almost come together but instead a bomb pops out from between the palms and explodes. The death ooze bubbles out and is evacuated.  

A single cell animation constructed with accretions and erasures marking the trajectory of life and death pulling in the vagaries of the human psyche.

A huge latex breast filled with milk hangs pendulously in the middle of a room. The milk receives the projection. The viewer steps upto the rim to look inside.


Made at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Artist- residency-Program.

Solo Show 'Stories Re-Told' at Sakshi Gallery, Bombay.
Exhibited at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum; 'Video Road Show' on the streets of Bandra, Bombay; 'ZOOM' at Culturgest, Lisbon; 'Edge of Desire' at Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth and Asia Society in New York.


copyright © 2004 Nalini Malani