Video / Shadow Play Installation, 7 minutes looped, sound, 2001
  It was the best of times
We had everything before us
We were all going direct to heaven.

Vada pav Rs. 3, Airtime Rs. 1.49
Nimbu pani Rs. 3, Airtime Rs. 1.49

Can you hear me?
Of course you can hear me.

I speak Orange, I speak Blue
I speak your speak just like you...
  The reverse painted cylinders form an interminable movement of shadows on a wall that spans 14 meters. The wall has images from videos projected on it. Therefore, images appear in 3 registers, the painted image, the shadows and the projected image.

These are accretions of Orientalism harking back to19th century British rule in India. But the sound track pulls one into the present period, with its postcolonial aggression of the WTO and the GATT, through a sinister sounding poem.

3 DVDs, 4 Cylinders with armature, each cylinder 120 cms diameter X 150 cms, 4 rods 30 cms, 4 electric rotating motors, reverse painted Mylar / film, 3 LCD video projectors (2000 Lumen) wide angle zoom lens parallax correction, 3 DVD players, 1 amplifier and 4 speakers and 2 black benches.

Dimensions variable.

Funded by the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam.

Solo show as an adaptation at 'Recent Video Art- Nalini Malani', Apeejay Media Gallery in New Delhi.
Exhibited at 'Unpacking Europe' in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam.

copyright © 2004 Nalini Malani