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Theatre, Installation, Video, 1997

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  Accident in Factory reveals
Chowkidar to be Male Imposter
By a Staff Reporter

Rano came to consciousness after spending in a female ward after spending 4 years disguised as a man. On being interrogated she at first denied the charge of fraud.
On further probing ‘she’ finally broke down and confessed that extreme poverty led her to claim the job meant for her dead husband.
‘She’ pleaded to have her job back The management said they had no idea that the Chowkidar was a woman. In fact a year ago they had given her an award for catching a thief. Besides she had a wife and two children.
However some neighbours did testify they noticed odd behaviour between the couple and a man who visited them often. It is alleged that the two women might have had to bribe the man who discovered their secret.
  Max Mueller Bhavan 1997  
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