Medea paintings
Paintings, Installation, Books, Theatre, Video 1991 - 1996

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  There is something incredibly visceral about Malani’s figures in the way that their contours come into definition as though imprinted on the surface by an effluence of the fluid matter that their own persons are made of. She frequently puts down a figure or a gestural nuance with a simgle sweep of a full, loaded brush. The figures emerge from the surface in a manner that suggests their retaining identity as part of the surface, while simultaneously gaining a defined individuality as figures. There us this remarkable parallel to the relationship between the individual and the urban, metropolitan environment.

From the essay " Nalini Malani;The Medea Project and Beyond" by Chaitanya Sambrani

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  1995 First Africus Biennale, Johannesburg
1996 Max Mueller Bhavan Bombay.
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