Medea theatre
Paintings, Installation, Books, Theatre, Video 1991 - 1996

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The Medea project was a multi-layered process that began with a collaboration between Nalini Malani and Alaknanda Samarth, actor and director for a performance/ installation piece which took place in 1993 at the Max Muller Bhavan Bombay (a branch of the Goethe Institute). Working with Heiner Mueller’s adaptation from the well known Greek myth interpreted by Euripides , the project has spanned several years and generated works in many mediums including drawings and paintings pre-performance and post-performance , painted books, installations and video.

The myth continues to resonate in her recent works like 'Sita/Medea' from the 'Stories Retold' series in reverse painting on Mylar.

read essay by Chaitanya Sambrani

  1993-94 Performed at the Max Mueller
             Bhavan Bombay


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